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Rural and Urban

From farms to the fast lane


Whether you were born and bred in the country, or moved there at a later stage, rural life can pose its own particular challenges.  Financial pressure, isolation, loneliness, mental health issues, suicide, relationship difficulties, accidents and neighbourhood disputes can take their toll.  Problems such as these can be compounded by lack of access to an appropriate mental health service.  My counselling psychologist online clinic aims to bridge this gap in access and bring a high quality psychology service to remote areas.

Image by Illiya Vjestica
Pedestrian Path


The anonymity and pace of urban life can be both thrilling and lonely.  The busyness can be both exciting and draining.  Working from home can be a relief and a challenge.  Cities can offer opportunities  for personal development and personal destruction.  If you need assistance with a personal or mental health concern, please click on the link below to arrange a consultation.

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