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Common Queries

Will my health insurance cover the cost?

VHI, Laya, Irish Life and Cornmarket offer plans which include rebates of up to 50% on consultations with counselling psychologists.  Find out more here.   

Is the clinic open to adults and children?

Men and women over the age of 18 years can attend both online and face-to-face consultations.

How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions usually last 50 minutes, with a few minutes at the end to allow time for winding down.  When clients are doing deep trauma work, it is often helpful to do a few 90 minute sessions to allow more time for trauma processing.

How long do people spend in therapy?

It varies depending on the presentation.  Some people attend for just one session initially to get a sense of what it is like and return at a later date to do more therapy work.  Research indicates that about 50% of people achieve clinically significant change after 12 sessions, but more distressed people require 20+  sessions.  People who have profound mental health issues may attend for several years.

Opening Hours?

Therapy sessions can be scheduled 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 1pm on Fridays.  Courses may take place daytime, evenings or weekends.  I endeavour to reply to telephone, text and email queries within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

How do I book an appointment?

Call 087-430 9669 stating which service you require and give an indication of the times that you are free to attend.  If you are seeking an online appointment please include your email address in the text. Once the appointment time is agreed, a Zoom link will be sent to your email address. From outside Ireland you may find it easier to email


Click here for fees and here for information on fee rebates.

Where is the clinic located?

Face-to-face consultations are provided at Robin Hill Clinic, Lake Road, Cobh, Co. Cork.  P24 RY88.  Click here to see a map and directions.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors.  Psychologists study human (and animal) behaviour and treat mental health issues using talk therapy and behaviour therapy.  Psychologists are evidence-based practitioners.  They keep abreast of the research and use this research to inform their practice.

Do you do assessments or provide reports for court?

No. The focus for my practice is on providing therapy and psychoeducational programs.

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